Things To Do In Bell Canyon, CA

Bell Canyon is a small community on the outskirts of the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California, located between the cities of Pasadena and La Cañada Flintridge. It is an area rich with history and culture. In fact, it’s been home to many residents who have shaped our nation’s past. You can enjoy walking trails through this beautiful area or take a drive on one of many scenic roads that wind through Bell Canyon.

Bell Canyon Park

24544 Bell Cyn Rd, West Hills, CA 91307

Bell Canyon Park es un gran parque regional de espacio abierto ubicado en Simi Hills en el extremo occidental del Valle de San Fernando en West Hills, Los Ángeles y Bell Canyon, California.

Cave Of Munits

24501 Vanowen St, West Hills, CA 91307

The Cave of Munits is located in the West Hills, California, USA. It was created by a geologist named Charles Munits in the early 1900s. The cave is 633 feet long, 105 feet wide and 40 feet high at its highest point. It has three levels: the first level is called the “cathedral” which is where all of the stalactites and stalagmites are located. The second level is called the “cave” and it contains many fossils that have been found in this cave over time. Finally there’s a third level that some people call “the abyss” but it’s not really an abyss; it just feels like one because there are no visible walls or ceilings around you when you’re standing in this area.

Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve

Western End Of, Victory Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve is a large open space nature preserve owned and operated by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy that encompasses nearly 3,000 acres in the Simi Hills in western Los Angeles County and eastern Ventura County.

Rancho Santa Susana Community Center

5005 E Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93063

Rancho Santa Susana Community Center is a social-service agency that provides programs for children, youth, and families. The center’s mission is to help residents of Bell Canyon, California, develop the skills they need to succeed in school and their careers. It also provides services for people who are homeless or experiencing short-term poverty.

Cheeseboro & Palo Comado Canyon

5792 Chesebro Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

The gently rounded hills and canyons of Cheeseboro and Palo Comado are older than the steeper, more recently formed Santa Monica Mountains and provide popular terrain for hikers, bikers, and equestrians.

For over 150 years, ranchers made these canyons their home. Many of the native plants, poorly adapted to heavy grazing, were replaced with European annuals such as wild oats, mustard, and thistles. Despite numerous years of cattle grazing, we can still find a variety of native plant communities, including chaparral, coastal sage scrub, and riparian woodlands.

Gates Canyon Park

Woodland Hills, CA 91302

Gates Canyon Park is a beautiful, serene setting in the wooded hills of Woodland Hills, California. Located just off the Ventura Freeway, Gates Canyon Park is easily accessible from any part of Los Angeles.

The park offers a variety of recreational activities including hiking trails, picnic areas, and camping. The park also features an art walk every second Saturday.

West Hills Hospital And Medical Center

7300 Medical Center Dr, West Hills, CA 91307

West Hills Hospital and Medical Center is a medical facility in California. The hospital was founded in 1999, and it has been serving the community since then. West Hills Hospital and Medical Center is a beautiful, modern hospital with many amenities to offer its patients.

Knapp Ranch Baseball

25000 Kittridge St, West Hills, CA 91307

West Hills is a baseball town. and its residents know it. The city of West Hills is home to Knapp Ranch Baseball, which has been providing fun, affordable, family-friendly baseball experiences for over 80 years. Its fields are nestled in the hills of Los Angeles County and offer a unique view of the city’s skyline.

Sage Ranch Park

1 Black Canyon Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93063

Sage Ranch Park is a large, open park in Simi Valley, California. The park’s 180 acres are split into two sections, with one half consisting of hiking trails and the other half consisting of athletic fields and playgrounds. The park also offers several picnic areas and restrooms.

The trails are part of the Santa Susana Mountains State Park, which is located just to the north of the park. To get there, you can either drive or take public transportation—the Metro Red Line provides service from downtown Los Angeles to Simi Valley and stops just outside Sage Ranch Park.

Chatsworth Nature Preserve

Chatsworth, CA 91311

Chatsworth Nature Preserve is a beautiful place to visit. It’s located in the San Gabriel Valley, not far from Los Angeles, California. It’s a great place for hiking, and there are lots of different plants and trees that you can see here.

The preserve has been around since 1948, when it was founded by John Muir and other conservationists. They wanted to preserve the land so that it could be used by future generations.

There are many different trails through the preserve, which makes it easy to get around and find things that interest you. You can hike up hills or down into valleys, depending on how much time you want to spend walking around!